Where to eat in Denia?

roe  roe  Curly oysters from GaliciaThere is so much and so varied gastronomic offer in the capital of La Marina Alta, that choosing where to eat in Denia is becoming a more and more complex task.

Curly oyster from the Galician fish markets with Pastrana butter

Why do people choose to eat in Dénia over other places?

In 2015, Denia was recognized by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy, this fact attracts numerous visitors, daily, looking for a place to eat. This is not the only reason they choose us. The gastronomic offer of our city is so varied that it attracts not only diners from our region, not even from the country, but from all over the world in search of delighting their palates with the creations of our restaurateurs.

Where to eat? Good question. As we have already mentioned, the offer is very wide, so much so that sometimes it is an odyssey to have to choose where to eat. There are numerous tapas bars, rice restaurants, seafood restaurants, Italian restaurants, vegan restaurants, more traditional cuisine… and, of course, creative or signature cuisine.


Samaruc Restaurant, a place to eat creative cuisine.


If what you are looking for is a restaurant where to eat creative cuisine, in Samaruc you can taste a variety of signature dishes that our chef, Ismael Bilbao, presents us trying to surprise us and enjoy new taste experiences.

From a “smoked vegetables in ember vinegar”, to a “Delicious sardine and raspberry tartar wafer accompanied by spinach cream” or a “Veal Royal with marrow bacon and nettle pesto”, are just three of the seven proposals of the Tasting Menu, which has prepared for this month of June, called “Tasting Menu”. “The Expression of the Mediterranean”.

The service staff is highly qualified to make your visit to Samaruc Restaurant an unforgettable experience, always attentive to your needs and explaining each dish with elegance to make you enjoy to the fullest and feel at home.

More information about Samaruc Restaurant and reservations here.

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