Wood, ember and the aromas they provide

In our small Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, located in the picturesque town of Denia, on the Mediterranean coast, we take pride in understanding and learning from traditions through stories told by old people who fill us with wisdom and a range of unique stories. Ismael Bilbao does not limit himself to following traditional recipes, but also tries to learn about unique gastronomic traditions.
Today we want to highlight the importance of the Brasas, an ancestral cooking technique that brings smoky and delicious flavors to our dishes.
At Samaruc, we have taken this technique a step further by using different types of wood in our embers, such as olive wood chips, oak and aromatic herbs.

Each of these woods brings different aromas that permeate our ingredients, providing unique nuances.

Olive wood chips, with their subtle sweetness, are perfect for enhancing the delicate flavors of seafood and fish.

Oak, with its intense aroma, brings a smoky touch to our meats and vegetables.

And aromatic herbs, with their fine touch, enhance the flavors of our finest dishes.

At Samaruc, we believe that every detail is important when executing a production process. From the ancestral techniques to the quality ingredients and woods used in our embers, each choice is destined to delight our guests and offer an incomparable culinary experience.

We invite you to visit us and enjoy our dishes, where the magic of brassica and the aromas of different woods combine to create a unique gastronomic experience as a lunch or dinner.