The taste of Christmas in our restaurant

Christmas is the most important holiday of the winter season, the most important
and the most traditional. It is a festivity that brings together around the
table to family and friends in abundant meals and long after-dinner conversations.

In the Christmas gastronomy we find, as it could not be otherwise, the following
other way, winter products that are very typical of the most popular dishes and sweets.
representative of the traditional cuisine of our region.

Among our favorites are the pumpkin and sweet potatowhich are the main ingredient in winter dishes such as stews and rice dishes, in creams or in desserts and pastries, such as pastissets or the fritters, which are an extraordinary product even when prepared in the simplest way, roasted, which is when their flavor seems exceptional to us.

Another of the typical ingredients of Christmas dishes is
the apple. As versatile as the previous ones, thanks to the wide range of
this fruit is used both to accompany dishes, stuff meats or to create
delicious desserts and cakes. This winter fruit is always synonymous with
of celebration and reunion for us.

And if there is something typical of Christmas meals, it is nuts. Chestnuts, walnuts and almonds are indispensable to compose a typical Christmas menu. Just in this order we usually find them on the table, chestnuts as an accompaniment to main dishes in creams or whole; walnuts accompanying desserts or as part of delicious cakes or typical sweets; and finally almonds, which although they can also appear as accompaniments to dishes, in desserts, cakes or typical pastries, are protagonists in these holidays for being the main ingredient of the Christmas sweet par excellence, nougat.

These are the products that fill us with Christmas, that fill us with
memories of childhood, of good times, of our own personal experiences.
family. These are the flavors we want to share with those who will be celebrating the
Christmas with us, who will be family for a few hours at our table and
who we hope will take us in their memories through our cuisine.

Visit us this holiday season and share our memories with our Christmas tasting menu.