The color of autumn

One of the characteristic colors of autumn is orange, as an intermediate step between the brown and reddish of the deciduous leaves, and as the undisputed protagonist among the most typical fruits of this season.

You can enjoy it this week as a dessert in our tasting menu, roasted pumpkin ice cream with creamy yogurt, nougat and white chocolate, for a limited time. And you can also try it from our Suggestions, accompanying our particular brioche torrija.
If, like us, you are an unconditional fan of this wonderful fruit, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it in a different way at Samaruc restaurant.

Among the great variety of fruits, one of them stands out especially in this week of the year due to the influence of the Anglo-Saxon festival of Halloween, the pumpkin. For a few days now, we have been surrounded by more or less terrifying pumpkins decorating different types of stores.
In countries where Halloween is traditionally celebrated, pumpkin is one of the main ingredients of typical Halloween dishes. Its ornamental use involves removing all the pulp and seeds and therefore making use of them in the kitchen in jams, cookies, cakes, puddings, bread or as an accompaniment to meats.
But it is not the Anglo-Saxon tradition that inspires us to include pumpkin in our autumn dishes, but the fact that pumpkin is one of the ingredients of the traditional cuisine of our environment. It is present in many typical dishes of this season, in desserts, stews, rice, fritters, cakes or creams.
This orange-colored, sweet-tasting fruit has a fleshy pulp whose texture is exceptional for experimenting with, and that is one of the qualities that our chef Ismael Bilbao appreciates the most.
And since at Samaruc restaurant we are always looking to surprise our customers, we have chosen to present pumpkin in an unconventional way for this time of the year, in ice cream.