helado de boletus eduli con  fragancia de vainilla y pino

The Best Restaurants in Denia.

There are many lists published on the internet about the Best Restaurants in Denia. Times have changed and visitors, when choosing a restaurant, the first thing they usually do is to consult them on the web to make an appropriate decision. Nowadays, there are a multitude of applications to make this task much easier.

Galician scallops are a very tasty seafood from the Galician coast and quite scarce. We love to offer it at the table in the season of this seafood only in the month of May.

Which are the best restaurants in Denia?

Denia enjoys a lot of prestige and there is a wide and varied culinary offer to its visitors. Restaurants of traditional cuisine, creative cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, as could not miss the high supply in rice tapas and tasting menu… there is a lot to choose from.

That is why it is very difficult to evaluate which are the best restaurants in Denia. It depends a lot on the tastes and exactly what the visitor is looking for. What is clear is that with so much to offer and with the high quality of our restaurateurs, our visitors always leave very satisfied.

What do we offer at Samaruc Restaurant?

Our offer is based on creative Mediterranean cuisine with a product entirely from km0 orchards and from our fish markets. Without forgetting the traditional flavors, we intend to give a twist to your senses with creative dyes. We use ancestral cooking techniques learned from the information gathered by sailors, local people and of course the search for knowledge and a fresh and quality product in all our creations. Local producers provide us with these fantastic products, with which, excellent results are obtained. Above all, our goal is to make our diners and visitors leave our restaurant highly satisfied. Therefore, we put all our efforts to achieve excellence in each of our dishes.

Matured fish tradition
It is one of the techniques left to us by the Romans in antiquity, which we tend to respect to the maximum to obtain incredible flavors and aromas.

Ismael Bilbao, our chef, has a wide experience in Mediterranean Signature Cuisine. Month after month he surprises us with a new Tasting Menu. In addition, it takes advantage of seasonal local products to transport us to the flavors of yesteryear.

In short, we create gastronomic fantasies for you to test your senses and enjoy new experiences. But above all, we want you to enjoy your visit to Samaruc by Ismael Bilbao Restaurant to the fullest.


Live in the moment… live Samaruc.