Small treasures

Peas are small treasures hidden in their pods. This legume, which has been part of the human diet for almost 10,000 years, spread to the world from the Middle East and reached so far that it helped us discover the secrets of DNA thanks to Mendel’s genetic studies.

At first they were only consumed dried in the form of flour and until the end of the Middle Ages there is no evidence that they were eaten fresh. Since then, there have been numerous anecdotes that place the pea among the most renowned chefs of European nations.

And no wonder, its small size and exquisite flavor make it perfect for the preparation of all kinds of vegetable, fish, seafood or meat dishes and we find them in creams, purees, scrambled, sautéed, stews and in our traditional casseroles.


And exploring allows us to surprise you with combinations as unusual as they are delicious when presented in our white chocolate chocolates with almonds and peas.

white chocolate and peas canister on our table to end the most intimate dinners or meals.

Currently in our tasting menu we present them with a mint water and a creamy avocado, a dish with a flavor and texture that leaves no one indifferent.

Come and find out!