Signature cuisine What exactly is it?

There is a lot of controversy about what exactly is signature cuisine. What is clear is that the chef expresses his own style through a creative culinary proposal.

Signature cuisine, creative cuisine, others call it avant-garde cuisine. New products are often used, new utensils and devices that allow us to innovate our dishes in a surprising way. This type of cuisine is usually presented in the form of a Tasting Menu to surprise and captivate the diner from start to finish.

There is an increasing demand for signature cuisine, so more and more restaurateurs are choosing to train in this field and give free rein to their creativity.

Our Chef, Ismael Bilbao, trained in great kitchens, such as Can Fabes, of the late Santi Santamaría, knows this. That is why, month after month, we offer a new Tasting Menu. One of its main objectives is to use local products. For two reasons, one is the quality of the product, this always guarantees an excellent result and the other is to achieve a sustainable local economy.

Km0 cuisine

In spite of the necessary knowledge of the dedication required to make this type of dishes, it is not always well valued, it is very important that the diners are familiar with this type of cuisine and its processes. Otherwise, it is very difficult for a signature dish to be easy to understand.

If you want to discover a unique experience and enjoy our signature dishes, you have to try “El Sueño de un Pescador”. This is the tasting menu for the month of September. It is having a fantastic acceptance and is not leaving anyone indifferent.

Handmade ice cream -unique

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