Samaruc’s sustainable cuisine

In Samaruc we are proud to work with fresh and high quality products from the local vegetable garden, specifically from a farmer named Andre who lives in Denia and knows very well its seasons. We also support fishing by constantly visiting the fish markets of Denia and Gandia where we buy the best product from our fishermen’s boats.

But beyond offering delicious signature Mediterranean dishes, we also care about promoting sustainability in our cuisine.

First, we strive to select local suppliers and support the farmers and fishermen of our region.
This not only reduces our carbon footprint by reducing transportation distances, but also fosters the local economy and preserves the culinary traditions of the area.
In addition, we are committed to the responsible use of resources.

In our kitchen, we avoid food waste and promote the integral use of each ingredient.
We use appropriate preservation techniques to prolong the shelf life of the products and use the leftovers to create delicious sauces, broths, crispies, pill-pill etc…
In addition, we strive to reduce our environmental impact at every step of the supply chain.

We use efficient technologies in the kitchen, such as low energy consumption equipment, and we encourage the use of embers and recycling to achieve waste reduction in all our operations.

Come and enjoy our conscious cuisine and taste the Mediterranean in a responsible way!

Our motto
The importance is to know our product from the moment it is sown or fished until it reaches our hands to be processed.