Romantic restaurants in Denia: these are the 5 key points

Romantic restaurants in Denia are in fashion. The city, immersed in the Mediterranean Sea and with an enviable climate 365 days a year, is an ideal place to enjoy romantic evenings.

The lighting, the ambiance, the decoration and even the menu are some of the factors sought by couples who want to enjoy an evening full of love and romance.


Soft lighting

When it comes to romanticism, there is one key element that the restaurant must play with, and play well: lighting. The lighting should not be too strong or too dark. It must be controlled in the right measure.

Samaruc Restaurant in Denia plays with dim lighting to create an environment full of romanticism. In summer candles are a key factor in our terrace. Candles give the restaurant that sense of privacy and intimacy that couples seek for a romantic evening.

Romantic music

In a romantic restaurant, music is another key. However, in the right measure. It cannot be too loud or go unnoticed. The best songs for a romantic evening will be instrumental songs that help the moment to come together perfectly.


Intimate atmosphere

A romantic restaurant should make the couple feel alone, living their love and their moment. Therefore, the tables should be spaced far apart. In addition, the service must be exquisite. The staff should speak in a low voice, without interrupting the evening too much.

Mediterranean decoration

The decoration of the terrace and the room also influence romantic restaurants. Candles are a must on the table and in the surrounding area. It will also be important to introduce Mediterranean elements that make the couple feel in an elegant and quiet place.




Aphrodisiac menu

In a romantic restaurant, couples will seek to fall in love with every detail. Of course, the most important detail is the food. A tasting menu is the ideal choice to take small bites of happiness without worrying about choosing from a long menu.

In addition, the tasting menu should be carefully prepared and contain aphrodisiac products that stimulate the sexual appetite. Oysters, chocolate, red fruits and red wine are four foods that the tasting menu in the romantic restaurant of your choice in Denia must contain.


In Samaruc Restaurant we have been enjoying romantic evenings to many couples from Dianes and visitors for many years. In our summer terrace we play perfectly with lights, decoration and gastronomy to create an environment that fits perfectly with what couples are looking for to enjoy a romantic evening.

During the rest of the year, and also in summer for couples who choose it, our indoor lounge is decorated down to the smallest detail to make it cozy and very romantic.



Every week, our chef Ismael Bilbao, prepares a new tasting menu with extremely aphrodisiac products that, in addition, you can order with a unique pairing. If you want to book your dinner at the most romantic restaurant in Denia, just click on the button.