White asparagus and pickled vegetables and honey preserve

-320 gr of canned white asparagus
-50 clt sunflower oil
-50 cl olive oil
-25 gr of bay leaf
-2 gr black pepper
-3 g salt
-10 gr fried bread
-75 gr of onion ?
-25 gr of cabbage rabit
-25 gr of turnip
-25 gr of fennel
-10 gr honey

To make the marinated vegetables
-20 gr of onion
-2 cloves of garlic
-30gr cabbage rabit
-30 gr of fennel
-15cl sunflower oil
-50cl of olive oil
-1 g bay leaf
-10 gr honey
-15 cl sherry vinegar


Step One
Start by cutting all the vegetables into very fine julienne strips.
Then add it to a saucepan together with the sunflower oil ? and the olive oil, garlic, bay leaves

Second step
Sauté the vegetables, and once sautéed, add the honey and vinegar.
Preserve until plating

Third step (Important)
Marinate the asparagus with the vegetables for about three hours to absorb all the flavor of the marinade.

Recipe preparation
Step 1
Cut the white asparagus about 3 to 4 centimeters long and set aside.

Step 2
We cut the vegetables in brunoise, and we elaborate a sofrito with the oil, garlic ? and laurel
When it is fried, add the vinegar and finish with the Thermomix or blender until a juicy sauce is obtained.

Step 3
Preparation of Almond Cream
300 gr of marcona almonds
150 cl of water
Garlic confit

Cook all ingredients in water for about 30 minutes.
Then pass through the Thermomix on speed 9 for about 15 minutes until we obtain a cream with a juicy texture and ivory color.

Step 4
Plate Assembly

First place the almond cream at the bottom of the dish.
Then add the pickled julienned vegetables and the asparagus that we have marinated for three hours together with the pickled vegetables.

Finally, add the asparagus pickled cream and decorate with peppers and rosemary flowers.