Vigil cod


  • 100gr of desalted cod
  • 100gr Desalted cod loin
  • 25 gr cured egg yolk
  • 150 gr potatoes
  • 75gr of cod jelly
  • 200gr of fine or coarse salt
  • 20 gr of garlic
  • 150ml olive oil



First step

The first thing we have to do is to confit the cod in the oil, along with the garlic, for about 10 minutes over low heat, then remove the cod from the confit and let it cool on a plate, to remove the juicy slices of the loin.


Second step

Reduce in the fire for 10 minutes plus the gelatin that the cod will have released along with the oil and garlic.


Third step

Cooking the potatoes in water for about 25 minutes, the potato must be very well cooked for a good elaboration.

Fourth step

Make a puree with about 75 cl of cod gelatin and about 150gr of potato and the garlic used in cooking the cod.


Fifth step

We work the cod jelly in the Thermomix, the process is called emulsifying, because we emulsify the cod jelly, until we obtain a white and creamy cream or pil-pil.


Sixth step

Curing egg yolks


-200gr Fine salt
-1 Eggs
-Container to be used bowl

We prepare a salt base and with the help of the egg we make a small hole in the salt.

Then separate the egg whites from the yolks. We cook the full and place it in the hole we have made in the salt and cover it with salt. This way we will keep it for 2 hours until it is cured on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Seventh step

Plate Assembly

We use a bowl for assembly. Start by placing the sauce or pil-pil at the bottom of the dish. Then place the mashed potato and the cured egg yolk on top. Finish by placing the slices of cod confit and the slices of smoked cod. Decorate with oxalis