Recipe of spring onion stalks stuffed with sea bass dressing


  • 400 gr sea bass
  • 100gr spring onion
  • 2 cloves Cooked garlic
  • 50 gr of roasted onion
  • 75 gr of minced garlic and parsley
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Salt
  • Pepper these two ingredients to taste
  • Cured egg
  • Smoked salt


First step
We elaborate the cured egg
We simply separate the white from the yolk
And we use only the yolk
Place the yolk on top of a layer of smoked salt and bury or cover with smoked salt for 2 hours,
Then clean with water under the faucet or with a small silicone brush to remove all the salt, and reserve once clean in a pastry bag until use.
The egg white will be used for a
merengue another day

Second step
we clean the sea bass of skin and bones
For steaming for 6 minutes at 65 degrees Celsius
Once the sea bass is cooked, we reserve it in the refrigerator so that our dressing is well chilled.

Third step
We will cut the spring onion, separating the stem from the bulb and
With the help of tweezers, empty the stems, and then fill them with our dressing.
In the meantime, chop in bronuise the rest of the spring onion, garlic and the strawberry.
Then add in a bowl the sea bass, the chopped garlic, parsley, oil and vinegar.
We will finish our dressing with salt and pepper.
This way we can fill the piping bag, to be able to fill our chive stalks.
With the skin of our sea bass and the rest of the bones, and the water from the cooking of the sea bass, bay leaf, roasted onion and cooked garlic,
We prepare an infusion of roasted onion.
We will pass it through the Thermomix at speed 8 for about 10 minutes, then we strain it and reserve it for the final plating.

Fill the emptied spring onion stalks with the dressing and place in a deep dish and then add the roasted onion infusion, a few dots of smoked egg yolk and waves of oxalis or rosemary flower to decorate our dish.