100 gr. Chicken liver ?
75 gr. onion ?
75 gr. potato ?
30 gr mashed potato ?
10 gr. of minced garlic ? and parsley
0.5 gr. Salt
0.3 gr. Pepper
2 eggs
Olive oil
Pimentón de hojilla (crushed ñora pepper)
20 cl of Mistela or muscatel

Ingredients Mashed potatoes
150 gr potato ?
30 gr butter ?
300 cl water ?

▪️Primer step
Peel the potatoes and cut them in brunoise (small cubes), and cook them for 8 minutes.

▪️Segundo step
Sauté the onion and the chopped garlic and parsley.

▪️Tercer step
Add the chicken livers to the fried onion sauce and fry until the liver is golden brown on the outside.

▪️Cuarto step
Add the cooked potatoes together with the fried onion, garlic, parsley and chicken liver and sauté for a few minutes.

▪️Quinto step
Add the liver preparation, the mashed potato and the two eggs into the Thermomix.

▪️Sexto step
Fill the molds (aluminum, silicone, glass or flan molds) with the pâté using a piping bag.

▪️Séptimo step
We place a water bath and introduce the pâté molds inside and cook them for 10 minutes over low heat with the pot covered.

▪️Octavo step
Store in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before removing from the mold and preparing the final plating and enjoy!

We hope you liked the recipe and that you will show us how it turned out ?