• 200gr wheat flour
  • 40gr of olive oil or lard
  • 30gr sugar
  • 70 gr mistela or Marsala wine



Add the sugar, flour, oil in a bowl, knead by hand or Thermomix (30 seconds speed 6). Finally add the wine, and continue kneading until the dough separates from the walls of the bowl if we make it by hand. If we elaborate it with the Thermomix we simply have to work it (20 seconds at speed 6).

First step
Reserve 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Second step
We use aluminum molds and grease them with oil.

Third step
Then we make small balls of about 15 grams and stretch them with a pastry roll and roll them in the mold.
Important We will stick the dough with a little water when we have rolled it so that when we go to fry it does not come off. and we are left with perfect cylinders

Place a sunflower oil in a case to fry the cannoli. Once fried, reserve until you are ready to stuff.

Ricotta cheese filling
-200gr ricotta cheese or cottage cheese
-150gr sugar
-25 gr dried orange peel

  • First step

Peel and sun-dry the orange peel for one day.

  • Second step

We grind the sugar with the dried orange peel and obtain a sugar with orange flavors, which we will reserve 50 gr to sprinkle on the cannoli at the last minute.

  • Third step

Drain the whey from the cheese, then once drained, mix with the remaining 100 grams of sugar with orange flavoring and fill a disposable piping bag.

  • Apricot jam
    -150gr sugar
    -150gr apricot
    -150cl of water
    -We sew everything together until the volume of the liquid is reduced by two thirds.

Then set aside until cold, then fill a pastry bag until ready to use.

Plate termination

We will take a cannoli and fill it with cheese and apricot jam and finish by sprinkling with orange aromatic sugar.