November will be for Samaruc the “Month of the senses”.

Live an unprecedented experience every Friday!

Km0 cuisine Curly oyster from the Galician fish markets with Pastrana butter


If there is something we are experts in Samaruc Restaurant is to make you live unique sensations through gastronomy, that is why, so that you continue to experience unique experiences with our dishes, in November Samaruc will celebrate the “Month of the senses”.

During the first week of the month, coinciding with the All Saints’ Day holiday, Samaruc has a special schedule, giving you the opportunity to visit us throughout Tuesday the 1st, as well as Wednesday and Thursday nights.


Best restaurants, spring onion and chard tarina with marinated denia mackerel.
This is a dish that we prepare for the enjoyment of our guests during the month of November.
Our freshly braised mallard duck breast with aromatic herbs from Montgó
It is a product of the territory in particular of the lagoon duck blue, which we have been working for years in different elaborations, but this particular preparation is very rich and tasty.

Throughout the month of November, every Friday we will celebrate a unique event, including several “dinners of the senses” that will make you vibrate, touch, smell, feel and get excited through these special menus.

On the first Friday, November 4, the first dinner will take place, a pairing menu with wines from the renowned Bodega Aguilar de Ondara, which will consist of 2 snacks, 3 main courses and a dessert, as well as a pairing of five wines. An exquisite plan if you are going to visit Denia and want to know its gastronomy!


On Fridays, November 11, 18 and 25, diners will be able to enjoy the “Menu of the Senses”, in which they will taste a surprise menu with their eyes covered, thus enhancing other senses and sensations. Your motto? Do not see to see more.


An exceptional way to welcome autumn in style, to immerse yourself in an experience of signature cuisine through the creativity of Ismael and to enter the world of Samaruc and its flavors. Are you already looking forward to a different November in Denia? Make your reservation by clicking here.