New times, new menus at Samaruc

One more year we start the season after the vacations with the arrival of cold weather. Different temperatures, different environment, different products that need a new menu.

In this new season we have decided to introduce some changes in our gastronomic offer to bring more variety to the Samaruc experience.

As you know, until now we designed a tasting menu for each season that could be consulted on our website. But ours is a market and proximity cuisine, in which the quality and availability of the product determine our dishes.

Paul Bocuse used to say: “The lunch menu: it depends on what you find in the market. That’s the secret, I think, of good cooking. Our vision of the cuisine is the same as Bocuse’s and for that reason, as the weeks went by, the tasting menu we served at the table changed and differed from the one published on our website.

So in order to make the published menu as faithful as possible to reality, from now on, we will be publishing it every week on our Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Stay tuned to our publications, although we may make some modifications if we find a product that improves it.

Thus, in the menu section of our web site you will find another of the new this season. In this section will be published the “Suggestions” by Ismael Bilbao. This is a compilation of some starters, main courses and desserts that our chef has selected to make up the personalized menu for those who prefer to decide which dishes to enjoy.

Taste, combine, add or remove dishes, the “Suggestions” allow you to create a menu tailored to each one; experience, enjoy and live a different experience in each visit to Samaruc restaurant.

As with our tasting menu, the suggestions may vary depending on the season, but these variations will be made in a more timely manner so there will be more time to try all of Ismael Bilbao’s “Suggestions”.

Make your reservation and discover the first flavors of this season!

In this new season you can let yourself be guided by our tasting menu or look for a different gastronomic experience.