Mediterranean cuisine with creative touches.

Mediterranean cuisine is well known throughout the world. Mediterranean gastronomy encompasses different gastronomic cultures: Spanish, Italian, Greek, Ottoman, Jordanian and North African. It could be said, consulting sources such as Elisabeth David’s A book of Mediterranean food , that the geographical extension of Mediterranean cuisine is delimited by grapes, wheat and olives, the main ingredients in the production of wine, bread and pasta, and olive oil.

In Samaruc Restaurant we bet for the Mediterranean Cuisine.

As is well known, the Mediterranean diet is highly regarded throughout the world. At Samaruc Restaurant, that is why, we bet on local products and dishes. But using the most avant-garde cooking techniques to turn them into those signature dishes to which our chef has accustomed us. Remembering those flavors, those traditional smells, but deceiving our senses with new textures and presentations that we love.

The Mediterranean slope nourishes us with excellent products for the elaboration of our dishes. In addition, we are fortunate to have excellent local producers who provide us with all the raw materials we need.

In keeping with our commitment to purchase products from these fantastic producers, we guarantee the acquisition of raw materials of unsurpassed quality for the creation of our dishes. Thus, on the other hand, we do our bit for the local economy.


Tasting menus with seasonal products.

Month after month, our chef Ismael Bilbao surprises us with a new Tasting Menu with seasonal products. This month we present A Cattleman’s View. A display of creativity with authentic flavors, incredible textures and brilliant presentations.



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