Love details

Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, the world day of the
love. Throughout the day today, the manifestations of love are multiplying and are being
become more and more varied and eye-catching.

At Samaruc we love to celebrate and especially to celebrate
love because it is what moves us in our day to day, the love for cooking and
to the product. We are fortunate that our greatest passion is our work.
and that’s why we take care of it every day.

We believe that love is in everyone’s details.
days. They are the ones who, without great fuss or bombastic names, achieve
make an ordinary experience into something extraordinary.

For this reason, our Valentine’s Day tasting menu is designed with the same
enthusiasm and care than in other weeks. Because for us they are all
special. They keep small treasures in
common ingredients capable of creating an entire experience
culinary experience, the Samaruc experience.

We take care of the details to achieve the right atmosphere and dish.
ideal to surprise, it is one of our hallmarks.

Reserve your gift now
special in Samaruc and celebrate love with us.

We wish you all a very romantic evening.