Let’s celebrate the holidays

Next week, we will be fully engaged in the celebration of one of the most important
most popular holidays worldwide, Christmas.

It is common knowledge that its raison d’être is the celebration of the birth of
Jesus Christ, but the religious and the profane are mixed in these festivities.
Christmas celebrations now as they did in the first ones held in the past.
back in the fourth century.

Christmas is celebrated by Christians, but also by non-Christians.
believer who uses Christmas as a social and family celebration.
The book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens played an important
role in the reinvention of Christmas in the 19th century, with emphasis on the
family, goodwill, compassion and family celebration.

And whenever something is celebrated, especially with the family, it’s always around the
and with a more or less traditional menu whose ingredients have a reason
to be there even though they may be modified according to fashions and changes in the

Christmas is one of the most joyous holidays of the year, and that is why its
celebration could not be otherwise than with the best dishes of the area,
and the possibilities that each house could offer. And although the motives
The quality standard of the products remains unchanged.

Thus, the highest quality meats, fish and seafood have been and continue to be the most important
typical ingredients of the houses at this time of the year. It was common to reserve the
best turkey, chicken, or capon from the pen to make up the best turkey, chicken, or capon in the pen.
part of the Christmas menu, and the same was true for fish and seafood in the
coastal areas such as ours.

Today’s menus are varied and so are the reasons for each one of them.
join in the celebration of this holiday season, but what we are all looking for is to
spend them in good company and always around a good table.

From Samaruc restaurant we wish you all a very merry Christmas and we encourage you to sit at our table this holiday season because for us you are friends and family and we want to show you the best way we know how, with our tasting menus for these days.

Merry Christmas to all!

Ismael, Lourdes and Caterina