Haute cuisine in Dénia

Denia is home to a large larder both sea and garden and allows us to create recipes whose greatest value is a proximity raw material of excellent quality.


The capital of the Marina Alta, accumulates in its history a great gastronomic legacy in which products such as the Red Prawn, recipes such as rice, a great mastery in seafood dishes that reach the diner through wonderful tasting menus and a signature cuisine like no other, among many other proposals.



If you add to this gastronomic scenario the personal touch, with Ismael Bilbao’s southern roots, the resulting fusion is capable of making you feel unique sensations when you sit at the table.

Sole tartar, galley essence and pine nut mayonnaise; red mullet with spider crab bouillabaisse, wild nettle pesto, grilled oyster accompanied by green peppers with “pil pil” of its waters and borage…. These are just a few examples of the creations that Samaruc restaurant offers to the city and its visitors in each of its services.



And the fact is that in Dénia you don’t eat well, in Dénia you eat very well. In fact, so much so, that the city has had the distinction of Gastronomic and Creative City since 2015 by UNESCO, accumulating as many reasons as recipes to encourage you to visit and book at Samaruc.