Eating fish in Dénia

If there is something we know well in the Costa Blanca is the sea; of saltpetre, of legends and, above all, of the great product that its waters give us. We live with it, we are part of it and its pantry fills our kitchens with quality, freshness and spices that become the real stars of our tables.

The elaborations with fish and marine plants are one of the great jewels that we treasure in Samaruc’s recipe book, since its wide range of possibilities introduces, even more if possible, creativity in our kitchen and reaches you in the form of fresh, healthy, light, wild and authentic recipes.

So much so, that during the 2021 summer season, from May to September, we did not work with meat and all the recipes that made their way into our tasting menu were based on fish and vegetables.

However, to ensure success, we can not avoid the absolute quality of the raw material we work with and all our product is supervised and acquired personally by Ismael in the Lonja de Dénia, in Llobell Pesca and Denipeix. Suppliers that after years of shared experiences are now part of this great family that is Samaruc.

It is not the first time that another part of this great family, the diners who usually accompany us, emphasize to us the value for you, the good hand of Ismael working with fish, the sensations that his recipes awaken in our tasting menu and the sensitivity with which textures and flavors coexist both in our kitchen and at your table.

From such passion for sea cuisine, great dishes and curiosities have arisen in Samaruc; star dishes such as ventresca oreada al sol, whose preparation depends directly on the sun and the weather and with a secret in its preparation that is entirely in the hands of our chef, Ismael Bilbao. The introduction in the gastronomy of Denia of recipes with an international touch such as ceviche and aguachile to which we have incorporated the characteristics of our own roots.

Also long recipes with unique processes, such as Garum (a recipe of the Roman gods) used throughout the Mediterranean area during Antiquity and part of the Middle Ages, based on fermentation with honey and herbs, which Samaruc offers you transformed and updated with our most personal culinary style.

In order not to miss any of these delicacies and try some unparalleled fish dishes, don’t forget the most important thing, make your reservation.