Eat Red Shrimp in Dénia

Dénia and the Red Prawn, the Red Prawn and Dénia. Both two treasures of the Mediterranean and two jewels of the Alicante Coast.

This great seafood product becomes the star every time it is part of some of Samaruc’s recipes or tasting menus.

Each bite of this crustacean is delicate, soft, invincible. A real marine explosion. And in Samaruc we treat it with all the respect it deserves and with all the grace that only Ismael Bilbao knows how to give it. Any of our dishes? Stracciatella of truffle, dried fruits and Dénia Red Shrimp or Red Shrimp with honey and blood orange marinade (a simple but very aromatic recipe).


What makes this delicacy so special? Sandy bottoms, sea currents, certain depths, the plankton they feed on… There are many factors that directly affect their quality!

Our gastronomic offer can not overlook the elegance of this raw material and therefore, whenever we get it in the fish market, it makes a special place in our kitchen to reach the diner in an unforgettable way.

Its characteristic reddish hue and lively lines are the ideal pairing to enjoy at Samaruc during Christmas celebrations. However, we also cook and enjoy it at any other time of the year.

A treasure of Dénia for true gourmets!