Dos De Tres starts – Cuchara de Palo

Dos De Tres returns. Three chefs, five dates and incredible culinary creations await you.

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Dos De Tres 2019 Poster

Dos De Tres – Cuchara de Palo. Fusion, diversity and friendship. These are the three concepts around which the event, now in its second edition, revolves.

Three chefs from Dénia seeking, in some way, to represent the Mediterranean cuisine of Dénia giving rise to avant-garde dishes but rooted in tradition and in which the technique is at the service of flavor.

Dos De Tres - Palo Spoon

Yesterday we had the pleasure of receiving the media to kick off the second edition of the Dos De Tres Gastronomic Days, with the participation of three chefs, Amanda Fornés Carrió from Origens Restaurant, Federico Guajardo Márquez from Venta de Posa and, of course, our chef Ismael Bilbao. Thank you all for coming.

These days are a proposal “for the future, we hope we can celebrate many more editions” said Ismael, “It is a proposal that can be joined by all those who have affection and devotion to Mediterranean cuisine and demonstrate the quality that the municipality treasures in terms of gastronomy.

The first event takes place here, at Samaruc Restaurant, next Thursday, March 21, starting at 20:00. Are you in?

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