Creative cooking techniques and traditional cuisine

Tradition  The current creative cooking techniques that we use in Samaruc are to give a twist, in terms of texture and appearance, to those dishes whose flavors remind us of traditional cuisine.

New cooking techniques allow us to play with new textures, temperatures, shapes, colors and even flavors. Of course, respecting the product and the origin of the dish as much as possible.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more fashionable to choose a traditional dish and use the latest culinary techniques to give it a more avant-garde twist.

For example, using the technique of deconstruction, we isolate the components of a dish and reconstruct them giving it a different shape and texture while preserving the flavor of the original dish.

These and other techniques, such as thickening, terrification, gastrovac and spherification, among others, are well known and used in today’s cuisine.

Vegan tasting menu

However, traditional techniques are still very useful today. Smoked and salted meats, among others, are still widely used in avant-garde cuisine.

Traditional techniques are still widely used.

Innovation is not at odds with traditional cuisine, but rather, on the contrary, they go hand in hand. A good broth, or a stew, a good product, the flavors of yesteryear… are what inspire us to create new dishes.

Our chef, Ismael Bilbao, trained in great kitchens, wants to transmit the memories of the flavors of childhood, of our grandmothers, but, yes, with new forms, textures, aromas … in short, to give a twist to our senses. Believe me when I tell you that it succeeds.

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