Competitions with value

Throughout the year a multitude of gastronomic contests are held, most of which contribute to promote a typical dish of the town or region and to preserve traditional recipes that are part of our culture and essence.

But today we want to talk about the ones we like the most,
gastronomic contests that highlight a specific product. We
we know that having the right foundation is the first step to achieving a successful
quality product, and not only in the kitchen, but in any good or product.
to be manufactured. When you strive for excellence in your work, you must pursue it and
from the beginning to the end, because if at any stage the level of the
The overall picture suffers irremediably.

This is why gastronomic contests that revolve around a specific
We think they are a great and necessary idea, because they are,
and also a commitment to the place where they are convened, to their development
economic, business and cultural activities.

In these days, the competitions in grenada come to mind.
mollar de Elche, citrus in Palmera, and of course, the one from our beloved Dénia.
revolving, as it could not be otherwise, around its red shrimp. But there are
and fortunately there are more and more of them every day.

In addition to emphasizing the quality of the product to which the product is
these types of contests give visibility to restaurants such as ours.
in which we are passionate about investigating, experimenting and reinterpreting recipes and
the flavors in order to showcase all the possibilities that the products and the products
techniques offer us.

They contribute not only to enhance the value of your product, but also to
The creativity and professionalism of the chefs who participate in them.

In our view, they are an effective application of
some of the topics on which the last D*NA Forum was structured, with whose
objectives we feel so identified.

Together we all add up and contribute to development
responsible for our environment.