Beyond lunch

As those of you who know us already know, our main activities are
weaknesses are salted meats and traditional cuisine. Two elements to which
we like to give it our touch of creativity.

And if there is something traditional in our land, it is lunch,
food that is experiencing days of splendor with the diffusion that many people are giving it
on social networks through #LaCulturaDelAlmuerzo.
and other similar labels, and that thanks to a beer brand and with the support of
of the Federation of Hotel and Catering Entrepreneurs of Valencia have even awards, the
Cacau d’Or“.

We wanted to join this trend of raising the
to the category it deserves and to prevent it from disappearing to the detriment of
and we do our bit in the way that best suits our customers’ needs.
we know, making a rereading of one of its most versatile products.

One of the traditional lunches for those who worked in the
and which continues to be a great attraction, although more so among the elderly, is the
the boot sardine. This peculiar sardine is prepared whole, without removing its
head and viscera and is subjected to a process of salting in brine and
pressed. Its curious name comes from the way in which they were packaged, as they are
that the boot is a unit of measurement of the volume that the barrels could have
wooden circles in which they are placed.

But the most curious thing about these sardines is the way in which they
was being prepared for cooking. It became popular to put a sardine in the paper.
the wrapping paper in which it was wrapped when it was sold and put it between the leaf and the
the door frame, on the hinge side, and it was partially closed.
to press the sardine. The skin and scales are then removed and the
will stick to the paper, making it easier to clean. In addition, by pressing the
the spine was released from the flesh and was very easy to remove together with the
head. A quick and easy method.

The variety of recipes using this humble ingredient is
overwhelming. It can be prepared in casseroles, casseroles, fried, with vegetables, or with

Such a versatile and well-established product is always a
opportunity to innovate that we cannot let slip away and that is why we have integrated it
in our tasting menu. Rediscover with us the boot sardine.