Bell pepper coke and its salted products from the Marina Alta.

Bell pepper coke and its salted products from the Marina Alta region

One of the basic pillars of the training of any great chef is traditional cuisine and our chef Ismael Bilbao is passionate about the recipes and methods of the most ancestral cuisine.

Since he arrived in Dénia he has not stopped studying the traditional cuisine of the region in order to adapt the best products of the area to his seasonal creations.

As a great connoisseur of the typical cuisine of Denia and the Marina Alta could not miss in the tasting menu this season, the representation and tribute of our chef to the bell pepper coca with salted fish.


Ingredients uncovered

Coca is one of the most emblematic and versatile dishes in the gastronomy of the Marina. Its apparent simplicity makes it the perfect base for the creation of novel and evocative sensations at the same time.

Salted fish has been part of the gastronomy and daily life of Dénia since Roman times, as evidenced by the discovery of structures of a 5th century salting factory in our city. Dried octopus, tonyina de sorra, anchovies, mackerel, capellan, cod, mojama,… are the basis of many of our dishes, and since ancient times the same process of elaboration of these traditional and exclusive products of the Mediterranean Diet and dianense.

The preservation of fish with salt in our area, in order to prolong and reinforce its qualities and avoid the intrusion of bacteria, makes salting an ingredient in which the quality of the raw material is the most important thing, since it is an unadorned, authentic product.


Our representation

Ismael Bilbao reinterprets this traditional recipe from a more modern point of view, both in terms of preparation and aesthetics, so that the quality of the ingredients stands out both in our eyes and on our palate.


Throughout this season you can enjoy this timeless dish in our tasting menu.