Artisan ice cream and creative cuisine, a perfect combination

Combining the expertise of Palacio Helados Artesanos, winner of the Best National Ice Cream Flavor Award 2018, and the creativity of our chef, Ismael Bilbao, brilliant dishes are born.

Artisan ice cream has an increasing number of followers. So much so that our chef, always in search of excellence in their dishes, decided to count on, what for us is the best company in the creation of artisan ice cream in Spain, Palacio Helados Artesanos.

artisan ice cream

Oscar Palacio, University Expert in Artisanal Ice Cream Production and trained in the ANHCEA classroom, together with the best ice cream masters in Spain, is currently the Company’s Master Ice Cream Maker.

Together with Ismael Bilbaoour chef, trained in The Hoffman School of Hotel Management, Having worked side by side with Santi Santamaría in the kitchens of Can Fabes, they have already shaped numerous dishes: Oscar elaborating the best ice cream and Ismael, with his creativity, giving shape to the dish, thus achieving a brilliant result.

“PASTOR”, a fantastic dessert created with handmade ice cream.

In our new tasting menu called “Viento de poniente y vientos del Mar”, we have included this fantastic dessert containing an artisanal Palacio ice cream, made exclusively for Samaruc with a recipe from our chef, Ismael Bilbao.

It is called “Pastor”, a dessert that takes you back to your childhood, who does not remember that milk that milkmen carried in the villages, in their jars?

Made with toasted bread ice cream, olive oil and lime, with a tile of dry sheep’s milk meringue, accompanied with blueberries and raspberries and all on a cocoa and almond ground.

Don’t let them tell you, book your table now and come and try this incredible dessert included in our new Tasting Menu for this July “Viento de poniente y vientos del Mar”.

Live the moment… Live Samaruc…