A dream tasting menu that will leave no one indifferent.

As every month our chef, Ismael Bilbao, prepares a new tasting menu to delight your senses.

After the success of this summer’s menus, Ismael Bilbao is preparing a tasting menu based on the environment using new fermentation techniques, smoked products, among others. His goal is to surprise us, once again, with seven new dishes that will delight the diners who visit us.

tasting menu : Samaruc Restaurant

“The expression of the Mediterranean”, “Agriculture and its environment”, “A fisherman’s dream”…, are menus that have been very successful this summer. In keeping with his commitment to use local products, our chef will propose a new menu using local resources.

tasting menu : Samaruc Restaurant

The Montgó, as is well known, is a Natural Reserve with an amazing biodiversity. It provides us with certain fantastic aromatic herbs with which delicious aromas and flavors can be achieved.

Tasting menu : Samaruc Restaurant

We are fortunate to also have a very important fishing port. Every afternoon, fantastic specimens are auctioned at La Lonja de Dénia. With such a fresh and high quality product, excellent results are achieved when preparing creative menus.

tasting menu : Samaruc restaurant

As usual with Ismael, he does not reveal anything about the new menu until it is finished. He is already finalizing the last details of a menu that, for sure, will delight the most exquisite palate.

If you want to be the first to try it do not hesitate to book your table here. Give your palate a treat and let yourself be seduced by the latest in creative cuisine of our chef Ismael Bilbao.

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